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To guard the newest legal rights out-of people who will be people in good family: step 1

To guard the newest legal rights out-of people who will be people in good family: step 1

Article 68. New stable and you may monogamous partnership ranging from two persons without any most other relationship connections that have a common-law house, with the lapse of time and you will under the conditions and factors sent to for legal reasons, shall gain benefit from the exact same liberties and you can loans of these families likely by the formal relationship ties.

Blog post 69. In charge motherhood and you will fatherhood can be fostered; and mother and father are going to be obliged for taking worry, improve, educate, feed, and offer towards integral invention and shelter of liberties of their youngsters, especially when he’s ily possessions is actually recognized regarding matter as well as on the foundation of requirements and you may constraints considering for legally. The authority to give in legacy and inherit try recognized. step three. The official will guarantee the equivalence of legal rights within the decision making on the management of your own marital connection and mutual ownership off property. 4. The state shall protect moms and dads, dads and people who will be the thoughts out-of family, throughout the exercise of their obligations and will pay attention to group who have split up for whatever reason. 5. The official shall give brand new mutual responsibility out-of one another mother and you may dad and will display screen pleasure of your mutual commitments and you may liberties anywhere between moms and dads, fathers, and kids. 6. De- legal rights, without any consideration provided to kinship otherwise use record. seven. No statement of one’s top-notch the kinship should be required during the time of registering this new birth with no label file will consider the type of kinship.

Post 70. The state will draft thereby applying formula to attain equality between women and men, through the official system developed for legal reasons, and will popular the brand new gender method inside plans and you will applications and should render technical recommendations for its necessary enforcement regarding public business.

Blog post 71. Characteristics, otherwise Pacha Mummy, in which life is reproduced and you will occurs, gets the right to integrated esteem because of its life and also for the maintenance and you will regeneration of its lives time periods, structure, properties and you may evolutionary techniques.

Article 73

Most of the individuals, teams, individuals and you can regions is also phone call upon personal government to help you demand the newest rights out-of characteristics. So you can demand and you can understand this type of liberties, the guidelines set forth throughout the Constitution is observed, just like the appropriate.

The official shall render bonuses to sheer individuals and you will court agencies and to communities to protect characteristics in order to offer admiration having the elements comprising a planet.

Article 72. Characteristics comes with the right to become recovered. It fix might be besides the obligations of County and you will absolute individuals otherwise court entities to pay people and you can teams you to believe inspired absolute systems.

When it comes to those instances of really serious otherwise long lasting environment effect, together with the individuals due to the newest exploitation off nonrenewable pure resources, the state should expose the most effective elements to own repairs and you can should adopt enough steps to quit or mitigate hazardous ecological consequences.

The state should implement precautionary and restrictive steps to your circumstances you to might lead to the latest extinction out-of types, the destruction of ecosystems while the long lasting alteration from absolute time periods

Article 74. People, groups, peoples, and you may regions shall feel the straight to gain benefit from the environment and the pure wealth enabling them to gain benefit from the long distance away from way of life.

Environment qualities shall not susceptible to appropriation; their design, delivery, explore and you will development are going to be managed from the Condition.

Article 75. Everybody contains the to free use of fairness and you may the fresh active, unprejudiced and you will expeditious safeguards of their legal rights and passion, at the mercy of the guidelines of immediate and you will quick administration; in the zero case will around end up being lack of correct safety. Incapacity in order to adhere to courtroom rulings should be punishable by law.

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