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Brad Carbunkle Being left from the action when adventuring.

Brad Carbunkle Being left from the action when adventuring.

Brad Carbunkle

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  • Taking place adventures together with company and buddy
  • Flirting with women at school
  • Dislikes

    • Getting declined by babes
    • Tuck pestering him
    • That was left out from the motion whenever adventuring
    • The Group

    Bradley Brad Carbunkle is the supplementary protagonist during my lifestyle as an adolescent Robot. He or she is Jenny’s best friend and next home neighbor.


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    Brad made his introduction look during the pilot event “It Came From upcoming Door”. He is first seen reading a magazine external in a lawn couch. He in addition pushes a white 1995 top success p71.

    Brad, as he first starred in “It originated in Next Door”.


    Brad try a person teenage male with apricot-colored body, spikey red-orange tresses, and dark-colored eyes. He normally wears a white gown clothing with a black vest over it, khaki shorts, and black colored gown boots.


    Brad is proven to be very adventurous, and likes marking along when Jenny matches crime. He could be sometimes known to-be a girls’ guy and he tries to bring some other girls to including him; but lots of the girls the guy tries to flirt with reject your. Brad dislikes being regarding the sidelines. Brad can be seen on most events to be persistent. In Unlicensed traveling item, Brad shows his even more persistent side of their personality by disregarding their safety being advised not to restrict any such thing harmful. The guy is served by become observed as being sluggish or unperceptive, which occasionally annoys Jenny.



    Brad and Jenny fulfilled in the pilot It originated in across the street. Brad and Jenny need a close friendship and fork out a lot of the time going out with each other, in addition to from time to time joining up to fight-off villains.

    Neither of the two display any passionate thoughts per more. From inside the occurrence baseball and string, whenever Brad was about to wed room riders associate Tammy, Jenny broke to the event church to rescue him. Whenever Brad advised Jenny he really planned to wed Tammy and be a Space Biker, Jenny humbly recognized his wishes, but informed your unfortunately that she’d overlook him, desired your fortune, right after which offered him a tiny so long hug regarding the cheek before walking out. Despite this screen of friendly love, their own relationship in the show has actually remained strictly platonic.

    In a Q&A with Rob Renzetti, the guy clarified he had no long-term programs for Jenny’s best african dating sites romantic life, that he considered a area of the tv show in any event. [1] but he performed comment in a youthful interview that he had been rooting for Sheldon (maybe not Brad) in relation to Jennys prospective appreciation interest. [2]

    Tuck Carbunkle

    Tuck was Brad’s more youthful bro. Given that they both posses different characters, they from time to time dispute, and screen common sibling rivalry. Despite all of this though, they are doing discuss a mutual brotherly love for both. Even if Tuck is frustrating in most cases, Brad cares about his more youthful brother considerably, and attempts their better to hold your safe from hazards.

    Nora Wakeman

    Dr. Wakeman and Brad never talk to one another frequently, however in times when Jenny requires services, in many cases are functioning collectively (typically along side Tuck and Sheldon). Dr. Wakeman must consistently interrupt Jenny and Brad whenever friends include spending time with each other because Jenny features projects to guard Tremorton plus the world from hazard.

    Sheldon Lee

    Sheldon and Brad are perfect family. They frequently talk to one another at school, spending some time collectively typically whenever Jenny is about, and continue crazy and from time to time risky escapades together with her. Brad is actually sorts to Sheldon and gives advice to him as he is in question.

    Melody Locus

    Melody is among Brad’s authentic appreciation interests. Even though she actually is the robot child with the bad upset scientist, Dr. Locus, Brad still comes for Melody, seeing as she appeared as a fairly and great normal girl inside her exo-skin. In Bradventure Melody support Brad securely avoid this lady father’s laboratory with an injured Jenny. Whenever Melody visits your once again in No balance with Melody, Brad recalls their thoughts for her, and chooses to bring Melody around their town as a night out together. Melody ended up being the initial woman inside the collection to be noticed kissing Brad. Jenny, believing that Melody got evil like the woman daddy, or more to no good with objectives to damage Brad, provokes Melody, triggering the woman explode with rage and expose the girl correct hideous and monstrous robot type. Realizing that everyone think she had been a monster, including Brad, Melody brings right up, experiencing that she’ll never ever belong. She flies aside in tears, to never get back. Brad was very sad about Melodys tearful farewell in conclusion, while he had liked being together, and returned their feelings for him.

    The Group

    Brad is always ready to help to keep Jenny protected from and help combat The Cluster’s problems, and dislikes all of them as Jenny does.

    King Vexus

    Brad dislikes king Vexus as Jenny does, and it is scared of the woman at the same time. But when she was in disguise at Tremorton extreme as “Vicky” in Queen Bee, Brad turned a large lover of this lady, tricked like everybody else when you look at the college.

    Brit and Tiff

    Brit and Tiff are favored rich girls of Tremorton High School who only associatan under the popular boys, such as Don Prima; hence, they dislike Brad and consider him a nerd. They are especially disdainful of Brad and rude to him, considering he is one of Jennys friends (along with Sheldon).

    The Area Riders

    Once they initial starred in The Return of Raggedy Android os Brad disliked the area Bikers, seeing that they assaulted all his friends once they damaged Mezmer’s, and gave him an atomic wedgie. Tammy in particular did actually focus on your, bully him, and crude your right up while seemingly flirting with him. This at some point lead to their most significant challenge with the Space Bikers, which occurred in, baseball and Chain, by which Brad was required because of the room Bikers to marry Tammy. At first, Brad ended up being greatly versus this required wedding ceremony and made an effort to step out of they, but changed their mind when he regarded the life span of an area Biker to be exciting, while also establishing a crush on Tammy. Overall, when he was told he would be Tammys slave once partnered to her, Brad tried to break off the wedding, and is also almost eaten by Tammy (among customs around the room Bikers cluster, if groom wants to ending the wedding the partner consumes him). He’s rescued by Jenny just soon enough, and does not have any more encounters with Tammy or the girl fellow room riders.

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