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Any time youaˆ™re a dynamic Snapchat consumer, you really need to have heard of the name, Bobrisky, or perhaps seen a few his photos

Any time youaˆ™re a dynamic Snapchat consumer, you really need to have heard of the name, Bobrisky, or perhaps seen a few his photos


Should youaˆ™re a dynamic Snapchat individual, you must have heard about the name, Bobrisky, or at least seen several his photos. Bobrisky could be the male Barbie of Snapchat inside Nigerian world plus the most well known Nigerian on personal app. Born as Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, Bobrisky is obviously one particular girls and boys whom grew up wanting to mimic the opposite intercourse but tried to include that change until recently.

Jointly exactly who courts debate, its the majority of surprising just how Bobrisky generally seems to get-away they. Although their homosexual innuendos cannot align making use of the norm of the country, the acclaimed master of Snapchat is a media feeling. Their phrase and social media marketing posts are incredibly debatable. He was as soon as arrested by the Lagos condition authorities Command at Lekki soon after he openly announced he’s gay. Although their worry details towards publicly pinpointing as homosexual, Bobrisky claimed he was actually arrested appropriate a petition which was composed against your by rival and business person, Toyin Lawani.


in various interviews, Bobrisky disclosed just how he risked their option to be a cross-dresser, inspite of the complaints the guy was given. Appreciate under:

When Nigerian cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, better-known as aˆ?Bobriskyaˆ™ first appeared regarding social media as a general public figure, there have been numerous inquiries in relation to his sex. Although Ogun State-born self-styled aˆ?male barbieaˆ™ said he had been simply an entrepreneur inside the cosmetic companies,using a silly approach to promote his products. In a famous meeting with Potpourri, Bobrisky honestly refused being gay, affirming their earlier reports that he is simply a businessman. But series and series of stuff on their Instagram page recommended usually because he had been always insinuating of having a brilliant rich boyfriend that is pampering your with deluxe. Though he has regularly mentioned he nicely toned his surface as an assurance to show the effectiveness of their merchandise to prospective customers, he had been detained and openly disgraced by authorities someday last year for adorning themselves just like the opposite sex and through a number of controversial social media marketing content.

His Beliefs

Love him, detest him for whatever reason you choose, he is a non-conformist, seriously slammed for his lifestyle, opinions and controversies. Aside from the feedback he’s needed to grapple with, he’s got had the capacity to complete one hell of work in stamping his personal horizon and values on whoever cares to slug it out with him. Directed of the mantra that itaˆ™s almost impossible to please people it doesn’t matter what hard you test, Bobrisky has established a niche for themselves. Small surprise the guy cares significantly less just what anyone considers their life collarspace gold czy warto. Bobrisky happens to be known to clad themselves with colourful feminine attire. From full flowing meal gowns to quick play use, relaxed clothes, to elegant aso ebi attires, they have shown to be a showcase of feminism. Constantly rocking high-heeled elegant foot wears confidently like he had been normally designed to, he boasts of having the ability to rock them a lot better than the aˆ?so also known as aˆ?femalesaˆ™. In a bid to appear just like the complete plan of a girl plus proceed with the styles trend in the culture, Bobrisky adorns themselves in variety of classy wigs, eyes lashes, fingernails and add-ons.

Content that complicate his characteristics

With pride design themselves the aˆ?baddest bitchaˆ™ and aˆ?Miss Bobriskyaˆ™, he was demonstrably ruffling the hornetaˆ™s nest. Throwing care into wind with careless abandon, the guy once claimed to squirt for his mystical lover just who the guy boasts is actually Africaaˆ™s fourth richest guy, a sexual feat the majority of women rarely experiences. After the loss of popular gay Congolese, Paul Arduad, who died after an extended struggle with anal cancer, Bobrisky schooled individuals on precisely how to be a fruitful homosexual. The guy additionally generated debatable remarks about females who possess the female endowments and are yet to have a aˆ?Baeaˆ™ that’s wealthy sufficient to provide them with seven million naira acquire all of them a home in Lekki, anything he claimed for gotten on a platter of silver. They have additionally proclaimed in a post on Snapchat, how he’s gonna be a beautiful bride to their mystery Bae, boasting he could be a aˆ?billionaireaˆ™s wifeaˆ™ after the guy presented with a 1.8million naira worth of necklace. Along with his current affirmation that he’s gay, it is hard to argue if itaˆ™s all become a business technique or he could be really homosexual.

Messes he created along the way

Aside from whose ox try gored; Bobrisky provides attained a track record for battling dirty on social networking.

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